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Update medical forms

It is time to update medical forms.  All medical forms are valid for one year, so we need to start now to get new medical forms for summer camp and the new Scout Year that starts in August. Click here for medical BSA forms

We need parts A, B and C for all Scouts and adults going to summer camp and we will need new parts A and B for those who do not go to summer camp.  If we do not have updated medical forms your Scout will not be allowed to go camping with us.

Also, we will be sending home a hold harmless form for all who plan to do COPE at summer camp.  The forms must be returned by 9 June so that they can be sent to the camp before we depart.  I am going to encourage all parents to sign one of the hold harmless forms because the camp has a great indoor climbing wall that will be open to any Scout who has a release form and has the time period for open climb available.

The summer camp is requesting all medical forms and release forms and the swim test results be sent to the camp 2 weeks before we arrive.  They want our forms not later than the 19th of June.  The early receipt of forms will aid our check in process on 3 July.

Thanks for your support.