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Spring Campout

What happened to our Spring Campout? There was 20 degree weather, rain, wind and sleet!  Great Troop 403 camping weather

Despite the elements, It was a good camping trip This was Matthew’s last camping trip as a scout and I am sure it will be memorable for him.  Here are some of the highlights: 

  • We had total of 12 boys there was good cooperation and scout spirit,
  • The troop did a service project to help clear debris from a fallen 75 foot  tree from the campfire was a big job but the boys handled it well
    There was a knots program run by the camp master the scouts enjoyed that tremendously.
  • The boys played gaga ball and we had lot of  fun there also,  I was truly impressed by how our scouts cooperated, and shared the space with the other troops and packs there.