“Do a Good Turn Daily”

Troop 403 in the Community

  • Food Pantry – The troop helped plant a community garden for the Bowie Interfaith food pantry. The garden has helped provide fresh produce to clients
  • We participate in the annual Scouting for food food drive, we collect ~1000 pounds of food on average. Scouting for Food is an annual food collection orchestrated by Scouts from National Capital Area Council. Local Scouts distribute plastic bags to homes across the region and return to pick up the bags, now filled with food, one week later.
  • Big Purple Barn – The Troop supported the help a horse day clean up drive. The Purple barn is a non profit that provide quality, life-long care for horses/ponies who are unwanted/neglected, they have also developed and offer outreach programs utilizing their resident equines.
  • Last year the Troop’s Eagle scouts have provided more than 1500 hours of community service.  Community service activities included:
    • Planting Azaleas at Holy Trinity
    • Clearing hiking trails in the Bowie Community
    • Repainting fire hydrants
    • Creating a camp fire ring at Largo Community Church
  • Scouts also participate with our sponsoring organization’s activities.  We assist in setting up and serving dinner, as The Holy Trinity Episcopal Church hosted more than 25 guests during the winter, as part of the Community Crisis Services’ “Warm Nights” program.