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Summer Camp 2016

Summer Camp 2016 is now in the history books the results were amazing. The boys conducted themselves well and approached the week great sense of purpose and brotherhood. They got to know each other a little better, and looked out for each other.  I was especially impressed with how they supported the newer scouts Tre, Austin and Ayinde.

Here is a summary of the results achieved this week:

  • Tre and Ayinde obtained Tot’n chips and survived the bear sighting while attending outpost
  • One adult swam 5 miles over the week
  • One adult rowed 5 miles
  • The troop averaged 19,000 steps per day over the week
  • Mr. Bergsten took Merit Badge councilor training
  • 2 boys attended COPE and became flying squirrels for the morning
  • 55 merit badges were completed

The boys learned a great deal about scouting, scout craft, life-skills and friendship during summer camp. One fun exercise at the end of the week was to ask all the boys and adults what was the they had learned, and here is what they had to say:

  • I learned a lot about nature for example there are 2 types of honey suckle bushes.  I can identify the tree of Heaven – Miles
  • Read prerequisite closely – Alexander
  • Poison ivy causes a common allergic reaction- Greg
  • I learned how to make a knife pouch and how to do lifesaving – Sam
  • Metallurgy- Nick
  • The ozone was formed by lightning- Christian
  • Hungry scouts will buy anything at any price – Christian
  • How to make a  bowstring- Austin
  • Learned how to  make art – Tre
  • How to make a smoke signal fire – Brian
  • Trey favorite day is Thursday Friday and Saturday.  His favorite food is  the quarter pounder – Jamal
  • Breakfast is at 7:45 and not at 7:30, it took me 4 days to learn that – Joey
  • Bring multiple towels – Daniel
  • Friendship is  magical – Stephen
  • How to hammer metal 4 days of the week – Bilal
  • Don’t rely on Joey to  wake me up – Thomas
  • How to tie various knots and identify native  plants  – Ayinde
  • Learned about the history of Joseph Johns – Jerome
  • Traveled to the Blue Mountain  and got wet in bone springs – Dave